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Quality Paving of Asphalt in Hawkesbury



Asphalt: Because it's important to keep your feet on solid ground…

Whether you are looking to revitalize the exterior of your business or just give your kids a place to play basketball away from your home theater system, Champlain Paving will provide you with sound advice concerning the type of installation that best suits your needs. Thanks to the expertise we have acquired over the years, Champlain Paving is a leader in the field of residential, commercial and industrial paving and asphalt paving service in Hawkesbury.


We are committed to providing honesty, transparency and outstanding customer service. From the very first stage of providing a free estimate for the project that you would like to complete, you can be sure to expect constant support and communication throughout the whole project and beyond. Call us today to get quality paving of asphalt in Hawkesbury.


Make a lasting first impression

We offer a full suite of asphalt paving services in Hawkesbury. No matter how big the project is, we have the resources to cover any residential and commercial project you have in mind. From pothole repairs to commercial parking lot crack filling to paving your residential driveway–there is no limit to what our experienced team can do. When you need asphalt paving in Hawkesbury, get in touch to discuss the best available options for your upcoming project. We work within allotted budgets to help you achieve your goal.


From paving blocks to pools to sidewalks


Are you looking to do some paving work, but don’t know which type of paving block is best, or how it will look outside your home? No problem! Our experts will help you to decide from among the various materials and designs that are available to you. We specialize in custom landscaping and stonework designs to create unforgettable outdoor experiences. Your exterior space is as crucial as your interiors. If you're in the market for driveways, patios and parking lots, then you should consider an asphalt patio. You may even decide to mix and match various types of paving blocks to enhance your project:

  • Stairways
  • Curbs
  • Pool decks
  • Garage entrances
  • Asphalt driveways in Hawkesbury
  • Much more


Supporting walls


A supporting wall or a load-bearing wall is a structural element that carries a house’s from the roof and the floors above. The load-bearing wall transfers the weight of the structure to the foundation of your structure.


Supporting walls play an essential role in supporting the weight of your framework and other installations. Designed using highly resistant and durable materials, Champlain Paving’s supporting walls are your guarantee of unparalleled quality.


Supporting walls can be further strengthened and reinforced with steel reinforcement to withstand the compressive and tensile stresses. Non-reinforced walls often develop severe issues due to the tensile forces. They may develop cracking and present serviceability problems.



Benefits of Supporting Walls


Owing to our advanced equipment and turn-key techniques, supporting walls can last you the long haul and offer benefits:


All types of supporting walls provide substantial fire resistance.

Supporting Walls provide high durability, agility and strength to the building.

Supporting walls enhance the value of the property.


At Champlain Paving, we can build exceptional concrete foundations for commercial and residential clients. Our supporting wall structures are powerful and durable. We work with engineers, home builders, and developers to deliver the best end product for your structure. Call us today to discuss your requirements.



Reasons to choose Asphalt

1. Asphalt dries faster. A few hours is all it takes for asphalt to be safe to walk on, compared to a few days for concrete.

2. Asphalt in rainy climates does not stain the way concrete does. A quick wash and most stains disappear.

3. Asphalt typically costs half the price of concrete per square foot. Any cracks can be easily filled in and blended saving you money on minor repairs.

4. Asphalt out-performs concrete in cold weather. Asphalt expands and contracts in cold or warm weather, so fewer cracks appear.

5. Asphalt is better for the environment. It can be recycled indefinitely.



Free estimate and sketch of the finished work


As the trusted paving company of Hawkesbury, Champlain Paving maintains the values of honesty and trust. That’s why we start every project by connecting with you in person, discussing your ideas and vision for the design and providing a free on-site estimate and consultation. We always offer a free on-site estimate of the work to be done, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on. In addition, we can provide you with a realistic and detailed sketch of what the finished work will look like. For stairways, curbs and asphalt paving, our Hawkesbury team is just a phone call away.






Reliable Asphalt Company in Hawkesbury

Champlain Paving is among the most trusted Asphalt Companies in Hawkesbury for all your construction needs.

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