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Our Hawkesbury Asphalt & Paving Services

Asphalt: Because it's important to keep your feet on solid ground…
Whether you are looking to revitalize the exterior of your business or just give your kids a place to play basketball away from your home theater system, Champlain Paving will provide you with sound advice concerning the type of installation that best suits your needs. Thanks to the expertise we have acquired over the years, Champlain Paving is a leader in the field of residential, commercial and industrial paving and asphalt in Hawkesbury.

From paving blocks to pools to sidewalks
Are you looking to do some paving work, but don’t know which type of paving block is best, or how it will look outside your home? No problem! Our experts will help you to decide from among the various materials and designs that are available to you. You may even decide to mix and match various types of paving blocks to enhance your project:

● Stairways
● Curbs
● Pool decks
● Garage entrances
● Much more

Supporting walls
Supporting walls play an essential role in supporting the weight of your framework and other installations. Designed using highly resistant and durable materials, Champlain Paving’s supporting walls are your guarantee of unparalleled quality.

Free estimate and sketch of the finished work
We always offer a free on-site estimate of the work to be done, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on. In addition, we can provide you with a realistic and detailed sketch of what the finished work will look like.